Friday, January 15, 2010

a not so called typical day in BU( First assignment)

'Afiqa,...afiqa,...your phone's ringing,' a sudden voice woke her up from her sweet dreams. After a few seconds or so, she realised that it was her one and only roommate, Sieng Sieng. At the same time, she saw through the corner of her eyes that something was flashing and vibrating on one side of the bed. When she realized that it was her annoying phone's alarm, she quickly reached it and set it off. It was almost 6.20, which meant that it had rang thrice already. Poor Sieng Sieng, who had to, at certain times, bear with a roommate like Afiqa, who sometimes, when she did slept late at night, was quite reluctant to wake up early in the next morning. After a moment or so, Afiqa erected herself lazily from the bed while her hands were busy, trying to uncover herself from the bluish blanket. Then, she went straight to the bathroom to perform the ablution.

She woke up for the second time on that day at around 8.20 a.m. and found herself all alone in the three-story house, just as she expected, for architecture students were free on Tuesdays as no class was scheduled on that day and it also happens that she was the only girl in that house who was taking the architecture course. She quickly reached her towel and dashed off to the toilet as she was starting to feel a bit hungry. By 9.30, she had had her breakfast of scrambled eggs and was curled up with a Jane Eyre's Classic, Northanger Abbey. After reading up the first two chapters, she found out that the book was a bit slow and it was also quite hard for her to churn the meaning of the few paragraphs that she had read, so she fell sleep, again.

She was studying Physics when her phone suddenly rang, indicating that she had just received a message on her phone. She was quite surprised to found that it was an invitation from Ika. Ika and Shira was going to buy something at OU and they actually invited her to tag along. After a few hesitations, she finally agreed to join them as she too was running out of some groceries and fruits.

So off the three of them went, on foot, this is so to safe money and avoiding paying the expensive charges of taxis. However, after passing halfway through the playground, which was about 200 meters away from their house, they decided to use their bicycles instead, as it would really safe time as they wanted to be in time for the Asar prayers at home. They returned home and took off for the second time, but within 10 minutes, they had arrived at OU and had already locked their bicycles at the provided parking space. They entered OU and stick as closely as they could together the whole time except in Jusco where they had different needs and so had no choice but to part. After finished shopping(at around 4.30p.m.), they decided that it was time to go home, so they made their way from the Old Wing(where Jusco is) to the New Wing(where they had parked their bicycles) and it was quite a long walk. Unfortunately, halfway through there, they heard the sound of thunder, which gives them the worst idea of all, that it might be raining outside.

Rushing through the crowds, they crossed their fingers hoping that it did not rain yet and that they had time to go home before it started raining. But once they arrived at the entrance, it was unfortunate for them that it was not just raining outside, but it was pouring heavily. They went back into the mall and found themselves a seat. They started working their brains out for solutions. With the bad condition outside, there was no way they could go home by cycling. This leaves them with only two options. They were either going to safe time and use the public cab, which also means that they have to leave their bicycles there and come again next time to take them(fortunately for them, all their bicycles were ancient as it had been passed by their super seniors to them so the thought that their bicycle might be exposed to thieves was not a question) or they could wait for the rain to stop which most likely would take take ages as it has not shown any sign of it.

'I suggest that we all go to the prayers room and perform our prayers first while waiting for the rain to stop a bit. That way, we can save time,' this was suggested by Ika.
'I agree, but I think we should put a limit to wait until 5.30 and if the rain doesn't stops, we'll just have to use the second option then,' was Afiqa's reply. Thus, they waited for the rain to stop and it was lucky for them that they did not have to wait longer than that as the heavy rain did stop at 5.30 and so they enjoyed their journey home in the cool weather.

At home, after she had finished stuffing her food into the fridge, Afiqa started reheating the soup that she had made earlier in the afternoon and ate that for her dinner. That day was a quite surprising day and was not a so called typical day in BU for Afiqa as she had no classes on that day(which she was not really used to and should not get used to) and it was the first time ever that she went to OU by cycling and experienced a lot of misfortunes(which only some are really mentioned here as it would be too long to list all of them).